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Finished Products
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Products That Help Save Energy And The Environment
Our spent catalyst customers include most major refineries while our finished products are used by many major catalyst producers and steel manufacturers. The strategic metals that we recover from spent catalysts are more than just a valuable source for high-purity products they also help us to help others manage the environment more

The recovery of these materials helps reduce the need for mining in environmentally-sensitive areas, saves energy versus primary metal production, and conserves valuable natural resources. Moreover, our consistent supply of spent catalysts, combined with our superior extraction and purification processes, enables us to deliver reclaimed products of exceptionally high purity. For instance, molybdenum recovered from spent catalysts is used to manufacture fresh hydrotreating catalyst.

We are always ready to work with your company to engineer new products to fit your requirements. To this end, we help both the oil refining and steel industries meet corporate objectives related to their sustainable development scorecards.