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Spent Catalyst Recycling
Spent Catalyst Recycling
Spent Catalyst Recycling Process
Process Diagram
Recycling Spent Catalysts
Gulf Chemical & Metallurgical Corporation has been reclaiming metal from spent catalysts for more than 60 years. We are the only processor that uses both a hydrometallurgical operation to produce pure oxides of molybdenum and vanadium and a pyrometallurgical operation to produce high-quality metallic alloys and alumina products. As part of these capabilities, a DC arc furnace is used to produce fused alumina and nickel/cobalt alloy products.

These unique, patented operations enable us to optimize the purities of the metals recovered from spent catalysts. At our Freeport, Texas operation, spent catalysts can be accepted in bulk and containerized railcars, trucks, catalyst tote bins and by vessel shipments (through the Port of Freeport or Houston). We can treat nickel/moly and cobalt/moly catalysts with or without vanadium, and our process produces technical- and chemical-grade (high-purity, high-solubility) molybdenum oxide, vanadium oxide, fused alumina and nickel/cobalt alloys.